COzero Safety Policy

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Safety Policy

COzero is committed to providing all workers including contractors with a safe and healthy workplace. As such, all the activities of the organisation shall be conducted in a manner that protects staff and the environment from harm.

COzero will assign sufficient resources to comply with all relevant Work Health and Safety Legislation to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

COzero shall integrate health and safety into our workplace by:

  • Providing healthy and safe workplace conditions
  • Providing health and safety training for all employees
  • Monitoring the condition of equipment and work procedures
  • Promoting open communication about Health and Safety with staff and the community
  • Developing and maintaining procedures to minimise harm from any accident or incident
  • Ensuring that contractors undertaking work on behalf of COzero maintain, as a minimum, the same health and safety standards as the organisation.

All employees and contractors of COzero shall be responsible for safety. Each staff member has a responsibility to follow COzero policies, procedures and codes, and to report incidents or hazards to their immediate supervisors.