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COzero takes care of your energy so you can concentrate on what's important.

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COzero does energy differently.

Equipping your business with a stream-lined, cloud-based energy management system and offering an innovative means of accessing cost-effective renewable energy, COzero gives you the power to cut your electricity bill while optimising your company's performance.

EnergyLink. Analytics + Insights = Savings
MarketLink, Green Trading
MarketLink, Green Trading

COzero is a leader in environmental certificate creation and trading. Using MarketLink your business can leverage environmental savings made available on today’s market. MarketLink allows you to trade any type of environmental certificate online with transparent pricing and an easy to use interface.

MarketLink means:

  • prices are always live
  • no fees for trading certificates
  • no limits on parcel size
  • payment comes through the next business day
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MarketLink, Green Trading
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