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Future Cities - Designing Sustainable Sydney
Adapting to the impacts of climate change on Sydney requires long term vision, initiatives, and strategies by understanding the interdependence at play.
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Image: Yida Xu ( licence )

Running HVAC Systems Effectively
Equipment for heating and cooling spaces in buildings are energy intensive and require proper attention and maintenance to provide efficient service.
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Looking After Refrigeration
Whether you have large walk-in cool rooms for food and beverage, small under-the-bar fridges and freezers, or glycol systems to keep beer pouring cold, there are ways to ensure everything runs smoothly for both operations and energy efficiency.
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Secure File Transfer Between Businesses Via AWS S3

Recently I have been tackling the problem of transferring confidential customer data from our platform parters. Our platform partners needed to be able to securely upload the data into an encrypted location, while our middleware required access to...

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Lachlan Smith's First Month at COzero

I was employed from the start of February to assist the operations team. I have just completed my first month of employment with COzero and have learnt so much while enjoying the work culture with my new co-workers.

A great policy of the business...

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Image: Yun Huang Yong ( licence )

Green Cities Barangaroo

Following on from my visit of the new UTS building in the first post, in this post, I’ll run through my visits of the Barangaroo Reserve and Barangaroo South District. The full list of sites visits that were available through the Conference is available...

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Image: MD111 ( licence )

Green Cities UTS Business School

As a part of the Green Cities Conference, various site visits were on offer to energy efficient buildings throughout the city, such as the Sydney Opera House, Darling Quarter and Commonwealth Bank Fitout, 50 Martin Place and Macquarie Bank Fitout,...

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Image: Jason James ( licence )

Sydney Seminars

I recently attended a few interesting lectures, the first around the development of public transport in public spaces, and the second around the prominent role women have been playing in pushing forward initiatives in the area of climate action.

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Image: The Australian Railway Historical Society NSW Division ( licence )

COzero's Summer Intership Programme - Week 14

Coming into the final weeks of our internship, the three of us have made great progress on the project at hand. We were lucky in that we got to test our Demand Response product in a trial where everything performed satisfactorily. Having this trial...

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Understanding Demand

Most people understand that you have to pay for your electricity consumption in kWh, as most often seen on home electricity bills. However, for larger commercial customers there is usually an additional power portion of the bill covering site demand...

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Image: Ian Muttoo ( licence )

Rebranding COzero
With a renewal of COzero's website in 2015, we're continuing to realign and refine the COzero brand in 2016. Welcome to our new brand. Welcome to DesignTalk.
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COzero's Summer Internship Programme - Week 9
William Hunter comments on the progress of the Summer Internship Programme as the team heads into the final weeks.
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