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Using Mutant + Snapshot Testing to Prevent Regressions in D3 Visualisations
D3 is a solid data visualisation tool but writing tests for charts can be tricky due to the way D3 chains function calls together and the sheer amount of code that's involved in bootstrapping a chart. Snapshot testing is a low effort, high reward testing approach popularised by the Jest framework for testing React apps. I've had a go at using it with D3 charts and found it works well with some caveats.
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Image: COzero ( licence )

Creating New Chart Types in NVD3
COzero needed some new charts built for our energy management system, EnergyLink. We created two new open source NVD3 models: differenceChart and lineWithFocusPlusSecondaryChart
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February Enviro Market Update
The 1st day of February saw the LGC market kick off with a 50k spot trade of $87.00 and over the day gapped to a low of $84.75 which hasn't been seen since mid-July 2016. From there, the market saw a lot of liquidity and prices retraced back towards the January highs of $88.00 where it found some resistance and prices settled.
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Linting Polymer Apps
Polymer is an appealing framework for building web apps but due to the way Web Components work, it doesn't play nicely with out of the box configuration for linting tools like ESLint/CSSLint. We've come up with an approach for linting that seems to work well using eslint-plugin-html and StyleLint.
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2017 Internship Update - Month 2
We're two months into the internship and work is still as interesting as ever!
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Power Quality - Power Factor Correction
Are you considering a power factor correction unit, but would like to know more? We'll cover power factor basics and then provide some recommendations to help you decide as well as some maintenance and troubleshooting advice for your unit.
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Image: Kim Eriksson ( licence )

Power Quality - Power Factor
Interested to learn more about power factor, or thinking about a power factor correction unit? We go into what power factor is, why and when it's important, and how to view your site's power factor.
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Image: Mark Chinnick ( licence )

Executing Lead Generation Using AWS-API and Lambda
AWS lambda makes it possible to track new and old visitors to the webpage. This can be used to receive their information and use them as possible leads.
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Spring Cleaning for Your Electricity Usage
Tidy up equipment operation behind the scenes to keep your customer-facing, front end running smoothly.
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What Makes up an Electricity Profile?
It might be challenging to identify what loads are running from a site's electricity profile alone, but understanding what different equipment loads look like simplifies the process.
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Designing Sustainable Futures With UTS
A discussion regarding work at the Institute for Sustainable Futures and approaches with transdisciplinary teams to approach complex issues such as phosphorous scarcity.
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