Internship Programme

Learn more about COzero's Internship Programme and get ready to boost your career!

Summer Internship

We have closed the intake for COzero's Summer 2016/2017 Internship Programme

COzero Internship

If you're a highly motivated student studying for your Science, Engineering, IT or Business degree we want to talk to you about the exciting intern projects we'll be running over the summer.

Our intern projects are research focussed, looking at areas that are coming to commercial viability.

The roles will encompass technical and business aspects and you'll be embedded amongst our staff, with opportunities to learn about professional life, along with improving your table tennis skills under the tutalage of master trainer (and Engineering Services Manager) Jack Hunter and understanding the process of brewing with head CObrewer (and Chief Operating Officer) Stuart Auld.

Green haired intern

Project Streams

Stream 1: Machine Learning

Investigations into unsupervised machine learning techniques for pattern identification from interval data for electricity, water & gas.

Candidate background

Candidates for this stream should display a good grasp of mathematics, especially linear algebra. A background in programming is also highly valued.

Past Interns

Hear what our interns from 2015/2016 have to say about their time at COzero.

William Hunter
Bachelor of Advance Science (Physics & Mathematics), The University of Sydney

Samantha Wardhaugh
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) / Bachelor of Computer Science, UNSW

Karan Panat
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) / Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), UNSW