Demand Response

Get savings back on your bill today!

Introducing COzero Demand Response

COzero has recently developed and released a state-of-the-art demand response technology, bringing even more benefits to your business. COzero's Demand Response program allows us to work with you to reduce energy usage during periods of peak demand. You then receive a payment from our program in return for alleviating strain on the grid.

How can I participate?

Getting paid to save is as easy:

  • Register your interest
  • We contact you to prepare a Demand Response Plan
  • During an event, execute your Plan and get paid!

Customers who have high-usage loads such as HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, manufacturing facilities etc. are all encouraged to participate in our program. Once you have registered your interest below you will be contacted to determine a reduction plan. You will then be notified several hours before the next event with an outline of the length and timing of the event. After the event you will receive a payment corresponding to the size of the reduction and the severity of the market event. The payment is calculated using the difference between your real and estimated usage, as displayed by the grey shaded area below.

Reduce demand. Get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Do I have to pay to participate? Participation is completely free and voluntary.
How will I be notified of an upcoming Demand Response event? Typically, we will contact you through your preferred means of communication a few hours before the event. You can nominate a required warning period as per your business requirements. We will outline the timing, severity and potential payment associated with an upcoming event.
How many Demand Response events can I expect? This depends on a variety of factors, such as the temperature, quality of the network and the generators.
What happens if I sign up but don't decrease my usage? There are no penalties for non participation, however payments are based on the reduction in your energy usage which means that you will not receive a payment for that event.
If I no longer wish to participate, what should I do? Simply call at 02 8379 8479 or email us at to remove yourself from the program.
How can I see my savings? Following an event, participants will be sent an email containing your energy reduction as well as the size of your payment.
How can I better manage my energy consumption? Talk to us today about our award-winning energy monitoring and management platform EnergyLink.
What if I have on-site generation? Because you can nominate the price above which you will be notified, you never have to worry about unnecessarily turning on your generator. Any excess electricity you make can even be exported to increase the cash you will receive and earn you profits for running your generator.